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Quran related sites (17 verified Links)

Al-Mizan - Tafseer of Holy Quran

 This site relates to the exegesis (Tafseer) of the Holy Quran written by Allama Tabatabai(a.r.)

Asan Quran

 Read, Learn, Listen to and Search in Quran

Four important Tafaseer

 Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer, al-Jalalain, at-Tabari and al-Qurtabi are available on this site.

From Darkness to Light

 While there is a perpetual miracle like the Qur’an, searching for further proof appears to my mind as superfluous; While there is a proof of reality like the Qur’an, would silencing those who deny it weigh heavily on my heart? Bediuzzaman

Holy Quran on the Net

 Excellent resource of the Holy Quran. Four Tafaseer - Taqreeb-ul-Quran, Noor-us-Saqlain, Al-Meezan, Majma-ul-Biyan. Rules of recitation, history and much much more

Holy Quran Translations

 Holy Quran Translations in different languages including urdu translation from Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawadi.


 Correct your recitation by online listening and reading the Quran

Jameatul Quran al-Kareem

 Jame’at Al-Quran Al-karim institute was founded in Qum in Khordad, 1377 (June, 1998 A.D.) as a cultural-educational institution. The aim of this institute is to advance the culture of Quran and make a deep and permanent connection between the youth and Quran.

Multi-lingual Quran with English Translation

 A very nice quranic reference with multiple translations


 islam quran tafseer usmani urdu free download free CD delivery abdul basit abdul samad

Online Quran

 Tanzil is a quranic project aimed at providing a highly verified precise quran text

Quran Explorer

 Quran Explorer site has a lot of options to browse and study quranic suras.

Quran online for kids

 Quran online for kids Quran reading from live tajweed teachers, join for quran memorization, learning tajweed tafseer and norani quida for kids, easy reading koran online

Quranic Lessons

 Wonderful website to learn Quranic Arabic. Learn to understand what Quran says. Two free lessons available for all users.

Read Arabic Holy Quran Online

 Read Arabic Holy Quraa'n Online

Tafseer ibn-e-Kaseer

 Tafseer of quran by ibn-e-Kaseer - one of the most popular tafseer of Sunni Muslims.


 Tafseer-e-Quran by Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani - Requires Urdu language plugin. It will be automatically installed if not detected on your system
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