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On-Line Books (13 verified Links)

Abayas and Islamic Products for Muslims

 Wordlwide shopping site offering material to learn Islam, arabic, from Audio to video material as well as Digital Qurans.

Ahl-ul-Bait Digital Islamic Library Project

 A huge collection of online books. Excellent reference material

Audio mp3 file of Sermons of Nehjulbalagha in Urdu

 Audio mp3 file of Sermons of Nehjulbalagha in Urdu



Islamic Software Company ( Khatoons Inc. )

 Publishers of Shia Books in USA, Producers of Software of Holy Qur’an and other Imams, Learning Arabic and other languages, Manufactures of Audio and Video Tapes + DVD


 Shia Library featuring over 18000 books in Arabic, English, Gujrati, Hindi, Persian and Urdu. All books are absolutely free to download.

Lulu Books

 Founded in 2002, Lulu is the web's premier independent publishing marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. It's the only place on the web where you can publish, sell and buy any and all things digital — books, music, comics, photographs, movies and well

Mola Sahib-uz-Zaman (Ajl Allh Farajah al Shareef)

 (1)what is the "Great Trooth of this world" (2)What is solution of " Peace " (3)Is there any reformer of this world ??? (4)How can we get contact with the Geat Reformer of this world , (5)What is Marifat Imam Zamana ? (6)What is the Right way of our life ??? This site can give u the correct answiers of these questions and thousands of other questions this is a GREAT GREAT site

Online Islamic course,

 Great site having systematic Islamic course and Islamic movies.

Shia islamic Books in Gujarati Language

 Shia Islamic books in Gujarati to read online for free. Quraan, Nahjul Balagah, Majmua, Tavzihul Masail, Ziarat, Duas and many more.. Visit :


 Digital Islamic Network

Syed Hammad Raza Bukhari

 Read and download books for free.

Tozeeh-ul-Masael (Urdu)

[ ]
 This is the site of Tozeeh-ul-Masael in Urdu. Pages are scanned and presented nicely. Good reference site
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