Ya Baqir Al-Uloom (English)
Efforts: Isha Haider Hasnain

Ya Baqir Al Uloom x 4

1) As a child at the age of three, Allah what did you see,
Your uncles fought and slain, your father tied in chains.
Your aunts losing their veils, being slapped, tortured, impaled. Ya Baqir Al Uloom

Ya Baqir Al Uloom... x 4

2) With blisters on your feet, being dragged in the scorching heat,
Those ropes around your neck, strangled you as He stepped,
He walked hunching his head, as he saw how your neck bled... Ya Baqir Al Uloom

Ya Baqir Al Uloom x 4

3) Did your childhood not suffice, to fill pain in your life?
That your grandfather was cursed,-in-every Friday sermon first,
When you heard their every curse, how tears from your eyes burst, Ya Baqir Al Uloom...
Ya Baqir Al Uloom x 4

4) How the poison tore your heart, the pain ripped you apart,
When the zaalim made you drink, poison sent by Hashaam,
Ja"far cried tears of blood, when you were-covered with mud, Ya Baqir Al Uloom

5) Even after you passed away, Kuffaar were not at bay,
as the presence of your grave, made your presence in hearts stay,
So they crushed your tomb in Baqi, curse be on their family. Ya Baqir Al Uloom.