Karbala, Karbala (English)
Efforts: Syed-Rizwan Rizvi

Karbala, Karbala, Karbala, Karbala

O Allah accept my prayer
Let me visit the land I dear
For the sake of the Shuhada
In the land of Karbala


1) The-land-where-blessings pour down from the sky
The-land-honored-with-AbabDallah's sacrifice
I want to kiss every grain of that sand,
In the sacred land of Karbala.


O Allah accept my....

2) There's never-been a wish I've so badly yearned for
Nor a prayer that I've cried days and nights for
There's nothing more that I beg from you Allah,
Please-let-me-visit-my AbaabDallah

O Allah accept my ...

3) As I close my eyes, I can see myself walking,
Holding my hand high, Labbayk I am calling,
With-tears-pouring from my eyes, my heart is beating,
Your-name-with-every-breath-Yaa Hussaina
Karbala karbala karbala Karbala

O Allah accept...

4) All I dream about is grabbing your holy grill,
Crying for you and for all those in-Karbala killed,
-I- wish I was there, to give my -life- for your stand,
But now I am here calling Labbayk on your Hal Min stance.
Karbala karbala karbala karbala

5) Abbas-Ali-Akbar, Asghar, Qasim and Ya Hussain,
Aun and Mohammad, Muslim and both his children,
Hurr, Habeeb, Burayr, Wahhaab, and Zuhayr,
And the other holy martyrs, I wish for!