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Shia Muslims - General (94 verified Links)

12Chieftain - A Complete Shia Portal []
 12Chieftain is an organisation which contains everything ranging from Nauha, Marsiya, Qaseeda, Profiles, Users, Forums, Debates, Discussion, Downloads Free Islamic Clipart & Tughre.
A Shia Job Site []
 A platform to help our Shia brothers and sisters around the world.
A Tribute to Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa) []
 A Detailed life history of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (Salamullah Alaiha)
A Tribute to Imam Ali (as) []
 A Detailed life history of Commander of Faithfull Ali Bin Abu Talib (as)
Aasar-e-Momminiah []
 for teen agers
Abatasya Islamic Website []
 Abatasya Islamic Website is dedicated to the Most Noble Messenger Muhammad (Shalallahu 'Alaihi wa Aalihi Wasallam) and to the people of his household, the Ahlul Bayt, salutations and peace be upon them all. All the material here can be used (without alteration) for any kind of purpose deemed right by the way of ISLAM.
aftab-e-haqiqat newspaper,karachi [] is a website of shia weekly urdu newspaper aftab-e-haqiqat, karachi which is distributed free in whole city
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission []
 The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) works to adopt Islam as a source of enlightenment and to promote those values that bring about a healthy society.
Al Sadiq Trust Islamabad []
 This site contains majalis, noha and other material about islam. Alsadiq Trust, Islamabad []
 - Images, HUGE ashoora encyclopedia, azaa (latmyat), Maqtel, Duaa section (text/audio), poetry, islamic calendar, Flash animations, Map of places to visit in Bahrain. Each page can be viewed in Arabic or English.
All India Shia Personal Law Board []
 An Organisation For Upliftment For Shias In India
 Islam = Shiaizam
al-shia []
 official German Shia-Site
Anjuman-e-Ghamkharan-e-Abbas a.s []
 This web site is going to contain Nowhas, Salaams and Majalis. Also to update the local Washington DC and the US shia community about the programmes of the Anjuman-eGhamkharan-e-abbas a.s
Anjuman-e-Groh-e-Hussain []
 This site is developed for information, we informed our all members who live far from us via web.This is religious web site.
Anjuman-e-Sarkar-e-Zamana []
 This is the official site of Anjuman-e-Sarkar-e-Zamana a.f. Lucknow (India). This anjuman has an objective to help in welfare of Shia Heritage Sites and Poor Shia Muslims.
Architecture & Interior Designers []
 Established in 1999 in Noida, India, Sheeraz Zaidi Consultants provides an integrated, comprehensive range of architecture and landscape architecture services to an extended roster of local, regional, and national clients. Through the use of registered professional consultants, coordinated by and operating under the direct control of the project architect or landscape architect, it offers a special combination of talent and expertise which provides our clients with a multi-disciplined organization embracing all architectural, landscape architectural, and engineering services within a single entity. The firm offers computer aided design and drafting services enabling expedient modifications to drawings which encourages investigation of design alternatives and increases drawing production efficiency. It also provides a three dimensional drawing capability. Projects completed by the firm have varied in size and character including commercial complexes, residential condominiums, urban revitalization projects, institutional and recreation facilities.
author & books introduction []
 Introduction of author & his book & pictures with prominent litrary personaility. 1. book - Sooch Ka Safar 2. book - Super Natural 3. book - Shikwah 4. book - Alim - o - Hikmat kay moti views on books: 1. Prof. Hadi Naqvi 2. Prof. Saher Ansari 3. Prof. Sibty Jafar Zaidi 4. Khwaja Razi Haider 5. Yawar Mehdi 6. Prof. M. A. Sheikh
Azadar-e-Hussain Group [ ]
 Website of Azadar-e-Hussain Group on MSN Groups.
Azadari Foundation []
 Azadari Foundation is the Only Shia Website helping Shias in Pakistan, with Immigration to Job Placement to Higher Education. We Also have the First Shia News Site where anyone can register and Post Azadari related material.
Azadari Network []
 Sirsi is a town and a Nagar Panchayat in District Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh the state of India and is famous for its Azadarie-e-Hussain(as)
Baabeilm []
 This is a website dedicated to our scholars & martyrs. The material mainly consists of free downloads of presentations, Islamic books, and other related kind of material.
Babamastsarkar []
Babulilm Digital Network []
 Get all islamic media like majalis, manqabats, nohay, islamic films, islamic cartoons, shia tv channels live, books, shia news, articles in urdu and english, wallpapers, chat, forum etc.
Channel 14 []
 New Islamic site about Azadari.
Contact Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) [ ]
 A site dedicated to the possibilities of spiritual ziarat of Imam-e-Zamana(atfs).
Cricklewood Youth Club []
 Our aim is to provide a social, learning and friendly environment for our youths of today, we live in the western society which is dominated my materials that are irrelevant to the way of life that we follow. We aim to help and guide our youth in the right direction so that they are not lost and end up forgetting their religion/identity due to the society that we live in today
fazael network []
 علوم و معارف اہل بیت علیھم السلام اورفضائل انبیاء ائمہاولیاء کا مجموعہ ,fazael, fazael ahlebayt islam,shia.
Haq Mola Ali [] About shias belief etc
 ShiaRadio's Group website.
Hussaini Dalan Imambara []
 Its about Centrel Imambara in Dhaka Bangladesh. Here is nahas Books audio video etc.
Hussaini Dalan Imambara Dhaka Bangladesh []
 Bangladeshi's Central Imambara.
Hussainia Online []
 A site with useful information on Shia faith and profiles of Shia Ulema.
Idara-e-Jaaferiya []
 Nauhas, Majalis, Duas, Aamaal, Ziyrats, about Islam, about Ahlul-Bayt, Shia, Holy Places, Ziyarats, Islamic Information, Miracles, Quran, Islamic Centers, General Information, 445 Shia Links,Islamic Miracles, Islamic Books and much more ....
Imam bargh Qasare Hussain []
 In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Asalaamu Alaikum! All the believers of the world are informed through the site regarding the sad event of demolishing the Imam Bargh in such a way that is not available in the history of the humanity. You are kindly requested to spread this message to all the people you are in touch with. Thanks. Matwalli Imam Bargh QasareHussain
Imam-e-Zamana (A.T.F.S) A Complete Reference []
 A site dedicated to Imamezamana(a.t.f.s)... Information on the 14 Masomeens and ImameZaman (a.t.f.s)in particular..
Imamia Mission London UK []
 Information relating to programmes and functions of Imamia Mission LONDON UK, also have links to various Shia web sites, and provide downloads.
Iranians Muslim of Western Australia []
 IMAWA is the Iranians Shia Muslim Association, based in Perth, Western Australia. All Muslims and Iranians are welcome to join, benefit from IMAWA services and participate at IMAWA's cultural and religious programs and events.
Islamic Digent (.NET version) []
 A huge collection of material of Shiite ideology.
Islamic Links []
 In this WebSite you can find all the links about majalis, mosques, duass, galery, etc...
Islamic Moral Ethics []
 Very informative site focusing on moral and ethics in Islam. Site also has a huge bank of articles relating to various islamic topics
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting []
 This is the World portal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Braodcasting (IRIB) Center. Islimc concepts and teachings are available in a great number of languages of the World
Islamic WebSite []
 In this site there are lots of links about majalis, nohey, madaris, etc...
Islamic_Poetry []
 Only for Islamic Poetry in Urdu, English, Arabic & Persian
Ismic WebSite(kashif) []
 In Site you can find all the links about Islam
Jamanshah - About Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) []
 A site dedicated to Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) - from a momin in Jaman Shah District Layyah, Pakistan
Jennie's Journey []
 my personal homepage. how I became a Muslim, comparison between Quran and the bible, Islam and Christianity, general information about Islam.
KautharTV []
 We are a non-profit enterprise related to film and TV production. We specialize in developing films, series and other audio visual content relating to RasoolAllah (SAAW) and Ahlebayt A.S. Our motivation is their love. Our objective is to kindle this love in every heart that we come across.
  KAZMAIN UNITED MUSLIM TV CHANNEL Thank for for visiting & mailing our web site Coming Soon all around the World great New's for all muslim people ,launching a great islimic channel Kazmain United Muslim Tv Channel All the web master of web site's of muslim's plz add this web site contact person's , cell : 0333-2164049 Team of
Khoja Athna Ashri Muslims Portal []
 Khoja Athna Ashri muslims portal in French. Lots of azadari material in French language.
Know what is Islam []
  it is basically a journal website. it provide the basic knowledge of Islam.
London Metropol University Ahlulbait(a.s.) Society []
 The students of the London Metropolitan University have established an Ahlulbayt (as) Society. This is their website.
Momin []
 Here u will find all types of Nawhas , Qasidas , Quran , Majalis , Articales and Many More
Momineen14 group for Shian-e-Ali(a.s) []
 As salam o Alikum, YA ALI MADAD, This is S.Hasnain Raza I made a group in which u can send ur email msgs of type latest news any religous email n also different matter n als any general email .You can send any thing u think that is good n suitable for this ALL OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED U CAN SEND ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS See our Web site:- Iltimaas-e-dua and Surah-e-fatiah for all marhoomeen momineen o mominaat also shuhda-e-karbala Khuda hafiz Ya Ali Madad AZAH - Group
Muslim Calligraphy []
 A site with beautiful illustrations
 shia Weekly urdu news paper, epage, and daliyupdate news in net []
 Live shia Azan according to local time all over world
Quran Hadees, Noha, SMS, Articles []
 Islam, Quran Hadees, Noha, NEWS, Iyma, Books, IT, Khutbaat, Shia Urdu Blog, Shia Urdu Forum, Shia SMS Services
Revertmuslims []
 The RevertMuslims website satisfies the on-going needs of "westrens" converts/reverts to Islam. It helps to support and guide these new Muslims. The site includes Media section, full of inspiring lectures all in English, Forum, where memebrs gather as a community, Quran, and inspiring revert stories section! Muharram Section includes useful articles. Also its forum offers so many helful, inspiring articles as well as lively discussions that boost your knowledge.Join and be a part of this active and lively commmunity! []
 The Shi’a on-line forum is a place where Western reverts and all others new and or old to Islam can come together and feel a place of comfort, ummah. I have come to acknowledge that there are many new converts to Islam who are western and who often do not feel completely welcomed into the community of Muslims where they may live. You are welcome here my dear sister/brother so stay and come to find support and together we will build a great community of RevertMuslims. []
 Bio data and brief discription of lives of 14 Masoomeen(as). Audio of Quran in real audio format. A big collection of nohay, manqabat and majalis. Event of Karbala and much more shia related material.
San Diego Azadaar []
 This is a website of the Urdu-speaking Shia ithna-asheri community of San Diego, California. Apart from having local program information such as majalis, dua-e-kumayl etc, we also have a collection of Urdu Nowhas, Marsiyas and Salaams in audio and english text format.
serenity realm []
 A site with some nice spirtual poetry and articles.Some are really thought provokening ......what we muslims were supposed to be and what have we shapped our selves into
Shahbaz Qalandar Group [ ]
 Website of Shahbaz Qalandar Group on MSN Groups.
Shaheed Foundation Pakistan []
 All About Shaheed And Shia Killing in Pakistan, A Person Killed In The Gods Way is a Martyr and Shaheed
Shia Facebook []
 Shia Facebook is an islamic social network which facilitates only shia momineen o mominaat all over the world. Join us and show the world that Shia community is a peace loving community.
shia group []
 please come and join
Shia Gujarati []
 Khutba of Local shia masiq, You can see in gujarati language.
Shia Media... []
 Download Islamic Pictures, Pashto Nohay, Shia Books, Qawwalis and Manqabats fom here and have sawab...
Shia Muslim Mosque Needs Your Help []
 Shia muslim mosque needs your help effected from earthquake.
Shia Paintings []
 Great collection of Shia paintings
Shia Sisters []
 A network of your Shia Sisters on the Web.
Shia Trade []
 This is a web site for all to come and post items they want to sella nd a platform for buyers. In short its an online market for trade! U can also sign up ur business details in the FREE business listings page
Shia110 []
 french shia website based on reunion island, with a lot of dowload (nawhas, kassidas, video ...)
Shiaa - The truth is out there []
 A big collection of reference material on Shia theology. Up-to-the-minute information about Islam get it right here. This platform is an environment about Islamic resources available on the Net, which will quench your thirst about Islam on electronic media
Shiaa Follower []
 Up-to-the-minute information about Islam get it right here. This platform is an environment about Islamic resources available on the Net, which will quench your thirst about Islam on electronic media.
ShiaChat Discussion Board. []
 Chat forum with over 4,000 global members. - Shia Matrimonial []
 Shia Mate is an upcoming free Matrimonial site for marriage minded Shia Muslims.
Shohda Gilgit Baltitan Pakista []
 Website about Shohda Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Shaheed Aga Zia ud din Rizvi was great leader who was killed by Sipah Yazeed. The site promotes mission of Shahadat.
The Islam City - An Unique Shia Portal []
 This is a website which with its unique features plays an important role in forming a tight link between Momins accross the world. Its a dynamic site that needs momins participation. Features like 'Help and Get Helped' tries to play the role of bridge between the momins in need and those momins who want to help them out. Other features include Quiz with fabulous prizes every month, extensive Islamic Photo gallery with easy and navigation etc.
The Light of Islam []
 About Islam and Ahlul Bayt
To extract light from the depth of darkness []
 A Shia Musliam web site. A huge collection of Majalis, Books, Duas, Durroos, Pictures, References, Debates with Sunni and wahabi muslims on different topics and much more!
Top Shia Sites []
 Collection of Top sites in Shia Islam. Visitors can also vote for their favourite site and thus help others in finding top sites.
Tuba Graphics []
 Beautiful sites of excellent Islamic graphics.
Ummah Website []
 Nice collection of useful resources. Titles include Books, Articles, External Resources, Audio, Quran, Digital Library and Islamic Links
Urdu site about Imam e Zamana []
 This site in about Imam e Zamana
Welcome To Muhammad Alqamah Jamal Official Website []
 nohas,majalis,naats,qasida,manqabats,majalis announcements,education notes,and much more...
Wilayat News []
 Online Urdu newspaper []
 Nice website featuring lots of online books and majalis.
World Ahle Bait Women Organization []
 A site dedicated to the role of Women in the Islamic History. Nice presentation
World of Islam on Internet []
 This is a huge web Directory of shia web sites and also with some useful and good material []
 this site contain various shia bk in pdf formate in variuos subject. various shia bk in guj urdu and eng lang available and shia wallpaper video and audio also available
Ya Ali (A.S) Madad... []
 This site contains Islamic Pictures, Pashto Nohay, Qawwalis and Manqabats for free downloading.
Ya-Hussain(a.s.) []
 Shia page from the UAE. Interesting and detailed collection of images, articles and multimedia on a number of topics.
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