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Majalis, Nohas, Salaams (54 verified Links)

14 Five []
 Azadari information
Abather dot Net []
 Website of Noha Reciter Abather al-Halwachi. Lots of audio.
Al Imaan []
 Contains nohay, marsiye and much more audio......
Ameer Hussain Aamir - Official Site []
 Official website of Ameer Hussain Aamir, Noha Khawan
Anjuman Shahzada Ali Akbar - Dhani Sadat - Kharian []
 Website of Anjuman Shahzada Ali Akbar(a.s.) - Dhani Sadat - Kharian - Zila Gujrat
Anjumane Bibi Sakina Group - Mombasa []
 Marsias, Munajaats, Qasidas and Nauhas in urdu by Anjumane Bibi Sakina Group Mombasa
Anjuman-e-Azadaran-e-Makhdoma-e-Konain(a.s.) []
 The Official Website Of Anjuman-e-Azadaran-e-Makhdoma-e-Konain (A.s) (Karachi)
Ansar al-Mahdi(a.s.) Group []
 Ansar Al-Mahdi(as) Group is a small group whose main goal is to organise activities for our Youth. Site contains lectures and a number of Islamic forums and discussion groups.
azadari []
 azadri in jhelum
Azadari e Hussain (A.S) []
 Azadari has been intimately and essentially close to the hearts of lovers of Ahl-e-Bait all around the globe for more than fourteen centuries. The spirit of Karbala has continuously been kept alive with the tradition of Azadari followed by majalis, matam, marsya and most prominently nauha khwani. Keeping the traditions rejuvenated, Dasta-e-Haideria Khargrong's selfless efforts in this regard over the period of decades have been the worth-mentioning self explained proofs. In doing so, Dasta-e-Haideria is now undoubtedly regarded as the pioneers of bringing a new soul in nauha khwani in the area of Baltistan by time and again coming up with heart-jolting and powerful voices and compositions. Adding to this, their contribution in introducing and projecting the poetry of one of the greatest writers in the form of Urdu Nauha Khwani is also a vital point to be mentioned. Keeping the efforts moving by updating themselves with the changing time, Dasta-e-Haideria is proud to expand their motivated strives by incorporating the use of this website. And Finally, Dasta-e-Haideria hopes to be able to carry on Mola A.S's Mission by making best use of this platform in the coming years as well.
Azadari-e-Hussain []
 Another site of userful information
Dar-e-Abbas []
 A website containing lots of Nohas of Ali Zia Rizvi of Anjuman-e-Ghamkharan-e-Abbas(a.s.) as well as some Majalis
English latmiyyat nawhas []
 Matams, nawhas, latmiyyats in English remembering the tragedy of Imam Husayn and Karbala
English Nohas / Matams / Latmiyyats []
 English nawhas / matams / latmiyyats - elegies lamenting the tragedy of Karbala
English Nohas Collection []
 Nohas in English
 A small step to promote Azadarie Hussain (as) Worldwide. Manqabat,Nohay,Islamic Movies.A Place to surf all Islamic Stuff. Nauha text,audio and Video []
 You will find the latest video.nauha text and much more []
 Huge collection of Majalis, Nohas, Qasidas, Salams and Naat
Hussainyahussain []
 Audio Video Majalis Nohas Manazry Duas Free Softwear And Moor........
Hyderabad's Azadari Online []
 Lots of Majalis and Nohas recited in Hyderabad, India are available on this site.
imambargah []
 Lots of Nohas, Qasidas, Naat, Lectures, Majalis and other useful information
Injuman Ghullaman-e-Hussain []
 Injuman Ghullaman-e-Hussain Kazi Ahmed
Irfan Haider - Official Site []
 Official site of Irfan Haider
Khewra Matami Sangat []
 All Muharram/Chehlum matam videos from Khewra, Pakistan. Salar MALIK AZHAR HUSSAIN.
Khwera Muhorram Videos []
 All Muharram videos from Khewra, Pakistan
KSI Muslim Jamaat in Dubai []
 Website of Khoja Muslim Jamaat in Dubai.
Markazi Imambargah al-Murtaza []
 Website of al-Murtaza Organization of Muslims Inc. in Houston Texas, USA. Features events in the organization, majalis, nohas etc.
Markazi Matmi Dasta, Rawalpindi []
 This is the website of Markazi Matmi Dasta, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Lots of Majalis, Nohas, Qawalis, Naats, Qasidas etc.
 a site info about moharam majalis live, juloos, latest nohajat releases and more. this is a azakhana-e-zehra.fws1 presentation
Mp3 Nohy, Qaseedy And Much more for momineen []
 Shia's first Mobile Site in Pakistan... Eassy accessable on mobile & Computer Also.... Nadeem Sarwar & Hassan Sadiq's Complete albums available. []
 Majlis,Noha,Qasiday,Articles and Urdu Articles,Books , Duas and much more....
Nohas and jaloos website []
 this site is very good and excellent and i have many nohas and salam to download this site.
NohaWriteups []
 Website dedicated to Roman English Nohay words. Including a guestbook, a page to send your writeups to the site.
Nohay,naats,Majalis []
 majalis for U.A.E
Panjatani The Shia Information Website []
 Welcome to PanjtanPoint.Com First Online English & Urdu Islamic Web Site In Pakistan. Download Books, Duain, Naats, Nauhay, Qasiday, Mojezaat, Munqabat, Majalis e Aza, Islamic Movies & More. Contact:
Pasaban-e-Aza []
 Good collection of Majalis, Nohas and Salaams
 Latest Nohay ,Live nohay from Lahore Matami sangats and jaloos videos. Ansar Party,Katri bawa, Khan Tasaduq,Ravi Road, Nisar Haidery, Nathu Khan, Shams Party Nohay. Qasiday and dhamaals.Amber Mahek,Hasan Sadiq, Naeem Abbas ... Qawali Nusrat fateh Ali Khan..Islamic Wallpapers.Matami Sangat Wallpapers. Mp3 Noha ring tones, 3gp Video Nohay and alot of Azadari Stuff.
Rizwan Zaidi []
 Official website of Rizwan Zaidi and other related Anjuman.
 All information about Azadari e Imam HUSSAIN A.S
Salman book centre - Hyderabad Azadari []
 salaams, marsias, nauhas, azadari hyderabad
Shahid Baltistani - Official Site []
 Official website of Shahid Baltistani, Noha Khawan
Shia Multimedia []
 Shia Multimedia Is An Ultimate Resource To Shia Islam | Nohay | Majalis | Duas | Books | Qasiday | Naats | Qawwali | Debates | Ziaraat | Movies etc.
Shia Radio []
 Live Radio from Iran
ShiaFirst - A Place of Momin! [] is website created for Momineen. Which contain Audio/Video Nohay, Duas, Chat room, Salaam, Manqabats, Majalis, Qurani Surah, Live Roza Mubarak of Imam Hussain (as) and Hazrat Abbas (as), Live Tv Channels, Wallpapers and much more... You can watch/listen online and Download it too. []
 Shia India, Nauhays,Marsiye,Salaam,IslamicFilms. And Many More
Shia-Online []
 A wide collection of Nohas, Majalis and articles on Masoomeen(a.s.) including discussion(s)
Shiatalk []
 Shiatalk is one the best known shia online chat room where azadari happened 24 hours a day
 It includes Nawhas, Marsias, Duas and Qasidas.
Tatheer []
 it is collection of articles ,rubai,salam,soz, qaseede,naat for 14 masoomeen and shaheedane karbal and aseerane karbala in urdu language. articles are mostly prepared by nazar abbas in urdu. main objective is that a person in travelling or in a city where information about ahlebait is readily not available , can remeber by reading from this site. site is still not complete duago syed nazar abbas []
 Large collection of audio, video and textual content on Azadari, philosophy of Islam and other related topics
Ya Hosein(a.s.) []
 Plenty of information about Shia Islam. Quran, Majalis, Lectures, Audio, Ziarat and lots of other useful information.
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