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Islamic Institutes and Madarsas (16 verified Links)

Academy for Learning Islam []
 The aims and objectives of the Academy are: To advance and teach the religious tenets, doctrines, observances and culture associated with the Islamic faith, according to the Shi`ah Ithnaa `Ashari school of thought; To establish and maintain a religious school of instruction for children, youth and adults; To provide counseling services and maintain outreach programs, according to the Islamic faith, to persons experiencing religious and social problems
Al-Iman School, New York, USA []
 Best Muslim School in New York, USA offers AP and Med Prep Programs in Islamic Envoiroment. Pre-K to 12 Grade
Brethren of Purity []
 The Brethren of Purity web site is dedicated to the awaiting of the Twelfth Imam, al-Mahdi, PBUH, the pursuit of Self-purification and the promotion of Islam and particularly the tolerance of Islam, loyal brotherhood, and the Generous Temperament
Hawza Ilmiyya of London []
 Hawza Ilmiyya of London was initially inaugurated as Imam Hussein Institute on the 3rd of December 1997 (3rd of Sha`baan 1418 A.H.). From the beginning, it was envisaged that there should be an educational centre for individuals from Western countries who choose to be an Imam (Religious Guide).
Hawza-e-Ilmia - Qom Iran []
 Website of Hawza-e-Ilmia in Qom Iran. Wonderful reference and educational site.
Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) Foundation of North America []
 IZFNA was founded in 1988 in New Jersey to conduct a series of islamic Seminars and since then has been holding various islamic events.
Islam []
 Learn Arabic and Islam using a classic methodology under traditionally-trained western-born scholars.
Islamic College of Advanced Studies []
 Website of the Islamic College of Advanced Studies based in London, U.K. The site offers information on its programs and distance learning facilities.
Islamic Education Center []
 Masjid and Imambargah in Glendale Heights in Chicago Suburbs IL
Kanodar Shia Isna Asheri Momin Jamat Pakistan []
 The Official website of Kanodar Shia Isna Asheri Momin Jamat Pakistan
Madrassa Jamia Raza (as) []
 Jamia Raza is located in Barakaho, Islamabad, Pakistan. Training the students of today to be the better leaders of Tomorrow. []
 Shia Athna Ashri Madressa, Middlesex, London on the Internet.
MASOM Imambargah in Chicago []
 Masjid, Imambargah and Madarasah in Chiago
Quran and Etrat Online University []
 Quran and Etrat Online University
Shia Muslim Association of Bay Area []
 Web site of the Association of Shia Muslims of Bay Area. Lots of information about the activities and programmes of the Association.
Virtual University []
 online education
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