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My special thanks to many momineen and mominaat who are digitizing these Nohas for the site. Ajrokum il-Allah.
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All Nohas are in MP3 Format.
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Chakwal Party
1 Aal-e-Nabi(a.s.) pe yeh kaisa aaya hay imtihaan - Al Amaan Urdu Listen/Download 4166 KB
2 Baazar-e-Shaam sajaya hay Shaam walon ne Urdu Listen/Download 4127 KB
3 Haey oo maida mazloom baba Punjabi Listen/Download 4159 KB
4 Maqtal may dhoondnay Zainab(s.a.) Abbas(a.s.) ko aaye hay Urdu Listen/Download 4029 KB
5 Musalmano sunainda haan kahani us musafir di Urdu Listen/Download 3929 KB
6 Qaidaan kiwain nibha gaye Asghar(a.s.) di ujri maa Punjabi Listen/Download 3844 KB
7 Tatheer de paak hijabaan wich Punjabi Listen/Download 3974 KB
8 Wanjran aye Shaam bachri Punjabi Listen/Download 3349 KB